What Are Puck and Player Trackers in the NHL?

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The NHL is currently looking into installing puck and player trackers in the NHL stadiums across the league. What does this mean and why are they bothering to do this? This is actually a very interesting development that is going to put the NHL on the cutting edge of technology. Read on to examine more about this topic. 

Data Analysis

One of the reasons why puck and player trackers will be so important is that it provides more data than ever before. This is going to give teams the ability to get detailed information about how players are moving, the speeds of certain players, trajectories, and so much more. There is a lot to consider and this information can be useful for teams when they are preparing for games. From a training perspective, having data like this to analyze will prove to be invaluable. 

This puck and player tracking technology is less about the teams using it and more about what it can do for the fans, though. Many fans have noted that watching hockey live is much more engaging that watching hockey on television. The idea is that this new technology can help to make the television presentations of hockey games more appealing for everyone. How can this technology do that, though?

Improving the Presentation of the Game 

Improving the presentation of the game is going to be about putting players in the game better than ever before. The puck and player trackers give fans new ways to engage with the game that they love so much. This will give people insights into the game of hockey and they can examine things from new angles. Sports are consumed differently in the modern era and having technology that can keep up with the desires of younger hockey fans is important. 

Getting real-time data on the players and what is going on with the puck will be useful. It can help fans to engage in fun activities such as fantasy sports as well. Some people even like to simply study data like this from an educational standpoint since they love the game so much. Sports fans love statistics and technology like this gives you more stats than ever before.

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How to Learn From Other Companies’ Customer Service Mistakes

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Everyone has experienced that dreadful customer service response. This is one of the leading causes of people refusing to bring their business back to a company. When people order a product, they expect it to arrive and function properly. They expect it to be the product that they ordered. If it isn’t, they expect customer service to solve the problem. This may sound simple but that isn’t always the case.

What Do Customers Want From Customer Service?

The majority of the time, customers begin with a phone call. The number-one frustration for customers is when a representative doesn’t treat them with respect. It is also important to have live (not automated) customer service representatives who answer the call and assure the customer that they will find a solution.

In addition, people want assurance that the problem will be fixed, whether that means shipping a new product or repairing a broken product. Empathy is a key ingredient to customer satisfaction. They want to feel as though the company understands and acknowledges the inconvenience. Less important but still on the list are appreciation, an apology, and giving the money back.

What Do Customers Do If You Don’t Solve the Problem?

In today’s world, customers are finding that the best way to get a quick response is to take their issue to social media. When they are unsatisfied with the results or left on hold for too long, many customers will send out a tweet or post on Facebook or Instagram. This strategy is proving to be effective because it is a way to get the company’s attention.

Once a customer makes a complaint about a company on social media, it is out there for everyone to see. Social media today has allowed almost anyone to be an expert and if a customer casts a business in a negative light, people will respond. Businesses are well aware of this and they are very responsive to social media complaints.

The biggest thing to learn from other companies’ mistakes is that a business needs to address customer dissatisfaction swiftly and in a solution-oriented way.

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How Athletes Can Sleep Better

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Everyone needs to get sleep at night to function properly in the morning. If athletes have a hard time sleeping, then they will not be able to perform properly while playing sports. There are certain things that athletes can do to help them sleep better at night. Examine the solutions below that will make getting a good night’s rest simpler. 

Relaxation Exercises Help a Lot

Relaxation exercises can truly help a lot if you’re dealing with restlessness. You might feel like you can’t sleep some nights and will need to use these exercises to get your body ready to go to sleep. Breathing in and out of your nose slowly while counting can help you to get into the right mind space. You need to try to calm your heart rate and clear your mind so that you can truly rest. 

Avoid Using Devices

Using devices such as smartphones while you’re trying to sleep will be very counterproductive. You might get tempted to check your phone since you’re having trouble sleeping. This is actually going to keep you awake and it’s going to make falling asleep even tougher. Keep your devices unplugged and out of reach at night if you have problems with temptation. 

Ensure That Your Room Is Dark Enough

If your room isn’t dark enough, then you might not be able to get to sleep. Investing in blackout curtains that keep your room very dark will make a difference. It’s also worth ensuring that no ambient light can be seen so that you can focus on falling asleep. Many people need almost total darkness to be able to sleep right and you might be one of those people. 

Lower the Temperature in the Room

Lowering the temperature in the room can be very helpful, too. People sleep much easier when it is cold. If you can use your air conditioner or central cooling unit to lower the temperature of the room somewhat, then it might be easier to fall asleep. You could also consider the clothes that you’re wearing and the types of blankets that you’re trying to cover up with. Being comfortable and cool might make it so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep. 

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The Most In-Demand Professional Skills

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Having certain professional skills will make you more appealing to potential employers. If you want to have the most success possible, then it’ll be a good idea to develop some of these skills. Keep reading to examine the most in-demand professional skills. Working on these skills will be beneficial and you’ll be able to have an easier time realizing your career goals. 

Software Engineering Programming Languages

Learning software engineering programming languages will help you to be a more in-demand professional. If you take the time to learn languages such as Python, React, Java, Javascript, and Docker, then you’ll be a very useful person to have on the team. Being more versatile with your skillset is going to be a good idea. Take the time to brush up on your program languages. 

Marketing Skills

Having a broad range of marketing skills will also be very useful in your career path. You can learn about digital advertising and how to use it to your advantage. Web development skills can also fall under this category as they can go hand-in-hand with online marketing. A good understanding of how advertising works on Google will go a long way toward helping you secure a job. 

Important Sales Skills

There are various important sales skills that should be considered as well. General communication skills are necessary to become an effective member of a sales team. It can also help to be well-versed in public speaking if you want to be comfortable in a sales lead role. Finally, learning how to use spreadsheet programs can help you out when you need to create a presentation or showcase important data points. 

Finance Skills

Finance skills should be developed if you plan on working in any finance-related sector of a company. You’ll need knowledge of spreadsheet programs and knowing how to use SQL to manage databases will come in handy, too. You need to be able to look at data while assessing it to make sound recommendations. Working on understanding data and developing knowledge of financial trends will prove to be a good decision. 

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